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Maplestory M Reboot Suggestions

Postautor: Cszcy » 11 wrz 2018, 8:36

I feel like this dilemma should be easier to deal with today that you've got less servers to deal with since mergers. One check through drill hall will permit you to grab 10+ macroers. Maplestory M Mesos takes 30 minutes to a minute to determine whether someone is macroing and let me tell you right now. Their macros are evident as hell.


But at same time, before first people hit the cap, course balance appeared ok but now with the moment, or even before now, people produce their class choices according to many criterias. Mainly number of hits per minute, the problem to control them, benefits which other courses don't have, etc.. But a big part of this community makes the decision to choose numbers of hits per seconds or courses being at top of DPS chart (NW as instance, NL can be good but much less ) and much more.

There are many people saying this present damage system and this unlimit power from financing create unbalance and it is unfair. I state unbalance here however it isn't totally correct. It seems more like sport busted mainly due to this possible system which can give you so much power once hitting cap damage, certain classes would be the best at cap amount. Even if it's just a small minority and they post their own movies of boss soloing, it brings jelly to some folks, particularly people who are too hooked on damage. So much that a majority of gamers, I mainly talk about typical funded players above, completely overlook the RPG aspect of the game.

These facts force people to believe the match is pay2win without realizing they could just party with other players. But we must agree Guide For Game takes a minimum harm, which is fine due to achievments you have done so far. But perhaps the minimum damage requiered is too high so merely financed can meet requierment however there was a so small minority that they eventually solo.
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