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Wannabe Romeo poses ‘nude’ surrounded

07 kwie 2020, 9:14

A WANNABE Romeo has posed “nude” with his stockpile of loo rolls in a bid to get a Tinder date.
Jameson MacInnis, 40, says he took the photos for fun — and has not yet had any romantic offers.
The IT worker from Connecticut, USA said: “I was bored out of my mind.
“I’m wearing boxers but you can’t see them.
“I also have a bidet.
“If the paper doesn’t bring the girls to the yard, maybe my bidet will."
The IT worker, from Bristol, Connecticut, USA, said he took the pictures to make people laugh during this tough time but sadly he has not yet matched with any potential partners.
Jameson said: "Honestly I just want to make people laugh.
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