9 ways to reconcile girls like that men should know

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9 ways to reconcile girls like that men should know

Postautor: ritcha » 05 maja 2020, 9:00

Whenever you feel scared or want to say that you like a woman who wants to try something, you must feel stressed about getting love. There are ways to reconcile the little girl to suggest what is easy and effective. Of course, there are some methods to try.

1. Say an apology in remorse and promise not to do anything anymore when you feel more sorry for yourself, no mistakes and earnestly promise. Bid to land with her what will be done again and again, with the most important thing you must fulfill as well.

2. Try to explain the reason that you should not walk away. The most important thing when she is heavy or you can stop walking, she will say. "I am very heavy, do not want to see your face right now" or whatever it is commercially for you to go. But do you believe that if you walk away with her orders to come out again that you do not care so try To make you listen Walking away from her is strictly prohibited.

3. Hug her if she is falling in love with her in her heart. But she still loves you And feel that you are truly guilty and can calm her down

4. Buy gifts. If she has not received damage to your deposit in the purchase of a gift that can be purchased or leads to heartbreak.

5. The candy is very small But still shocking with your offer to eat sweets or desserts, because most girls are especially interested in desserts, and desserts can also help improve mood.

6. Surprise. We feel that you are the most serious. This event may have to meet a bit by making a big surprise for everyone to impress them again. Anything that is a personal matter But be careful for the fans who don't like to be surprised by the shameful moment Will be angry more than before

7. Sincerely say that you love her. Respectfully your love for the pain of her hand. You don't have to waste time fighting, because we still love each other.

8. Record an apology clip that might feel a little embarrassed, but if she doesn't really come out to meet your face, try to record an apology clip of the song, apologize or apologize with the incident through the video clip and send it to her. Can apologize that Another good way

9. Take shopping if she continues to talk to you again when receiving an apology for her uncomfortable heart. But still stuck where she takes to go shopping as she pleases You will magically improve mood.

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